In the spring of 2013, I created a concentration series focusing on women's rights to education in third world countries. This series enabled me to express my thoughts and interests in this issue through my artwork, a way for me to convey messages of the situation and my opinion in a way that any other medium may be incapable of doing.

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- Kira Appelman - Through the Eyes of a Burqa
Through the Eyes of a Burqa
- Kira Appelman - Dreams of Siksa
Dreams of Siksa
- Kira Appelman - Girl Writing
Girl Writing
- Kira Appelman - Discovering Change
Discovering Change
- Kira Appelman - Taking Off the Blindfold
Taking Off the Blindfold
- Kira Appelman - A Moment in Time
A Moment in Time
- Kira Appelman - Blinded
- Kira Appelman - Discovering Change ii
Discovering Change ii
- Kira Appelman - Malala
- Kira Appelman - Fighting the War for Peace
Fighting the War for Peace
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